Mobile guide to M3P


You can visit our Museum with your own mobile device (smartphone, tablet, etc ...). Thanks to our special service, without downloading any mobile applications to your devices, you can use our QR codes or a numeric keypad to display various information about our exhibitions on the screen! You can learn about the artifacts presented on our exhibitions, and find extra interesting facts hidden in various places in the Museum. Thanks to the M3P Mobile Guide, you can also listen to the Museum’s special audio guide. All you need to do is find an appropriately marked information anywhere in the Museum, scan the QR code or enter its assigned number and the information will appear on the screen of your mobile phone or tablet! You can also hear the guide's pre-recorded description.

Remember to use headphones though, as not to disturb the other visitors! We are constantly developing the system, it will soon cover the entire Museum, and it will also be available in English. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage