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Workshops at Museum

Workshops at Museum

Museum workshops are a bit like old-fashioned DIY classes, on which participants learn by making various items in ways similar to those from the early Middle Ages.
Workshops are conducted for all age groups and offer 4 topics:

  • Make a trinket for Dobrawa
    The Slavs appreciated decorations. Women wore temple rings and earrings; men wore necklaces and rings. We will make a bead bracelet using a simple technique of threading a wire, known over 1000 years ago. This workshop is not only for girls!
  • Make a tile for the Brave's court
    t can only seem to us that the Slavs did not care about interior decoration. And yet! The walls and floors of the Romanesque buildings were covered with decorated ceramic tiles. We will tell you all about the techniques of their production while making one yourself.
  • Write a chronicle for the Wry-Mouth
    Writing and reading were not a strong suit of our ancestors, and even the first rulers had problems with them! During the workshop, we will tell you to whom we owe the first books to and show what made them stand out. There will also be a short exercise with a quill and parchment.
  • Make a purse for the Generous
    The importance of the ruler was determined, among others, by his generosity. How did he handle his coins when early medieval clothes usually had no pockets? He tied a pouch, i.e. a purse made of leather, to his belt. We will make one with a simple running stitch. 


Museum workshops
(group of more than 10 pople)
12 PLN/
Group supervisors Free of charge