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About us

Our museum is located in Gniezno - the legendary "first capital" of Poland. No wonder then that our main goal is to present the history of the beginnings of our country and the early Middle Ages. In addition, we also deal with the later history of Gniezno and Greater Poland, the places where Poland was founded.

As in every respectful museum, exhibitions take the most important spotlight here. We have six permanent exhibitions available for your viewing. They talk about the earliest history of Poland and Gniezno itself. We also present our most valuable exhibition - one of the largest collections of historic ceramic tiles in Europe. Apart from that, we feature two temporary exhibitions at any time. Some of them have an international character. They are dedicated to the early Middle Ages or how they were perceived in contemporary culture in the following centuries.

But our activity is not only limited to exhibitions. We aim to popularize the knowledge about the earliest history of Poland and the history of Gniezno. And since we like working with people and we love the early Middle Ages (and the history of our city), we are very passionate about it. We do it not only in our Museum, but also on the streets of Gniezno, in other cities, and on the Internet. Everywhere we go, we talk about the beginnings of the Polish state, about the early Middle Ages and about Gniezno! To popularize the knowledge about our city, we have specially created the Gniezno Interactive Museum - a museum without a building, which we create together with the inhabitants of this wonderful city.

But we remember that, above all, we are museum professionals! Therefore, we work every day to ensure that our collections grow and that our artefacts do not deteriorate with time, so that we can tell as much as possible about them. All this so that we can pass on the cultural heritage of our ancestors to our successors.

We are a unique museum for many reasons. As an example, we are practically the only one in Poland which shares its building with a school, and more specifically with the Bolesław the Brave Highschool in Gniezno. We often cooperate with our neighbours on various occasions. Thanks to such a close contact with young people, it is easier for us to see their needs, interests and ways of communicating. We use these experiences in our daily work.

Everything we do, we do with the motto that our Museum is for the people, not the other way around. Therefore, we invite you to visit us and join us in cooperation.