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The mission of the Museum is to shed some light on the cultural heritage and history of the beginnings of the Polish State and the later fate of the region, as it was the cradle of our statehood; to present it to the contemporary generations and to preserve it for posterity.

Our work is to shape a citizen, who, knowing and respecting his own identity, with the ability to think critically, can understand the world around them better and who can consciously participate in the shaping of the future.




"Archaeology of islands. Islands on the periphery of the early Piast monarchy"

The exhibition tells the story of seven islands: on Lake Długie (in Chycina), the Księży Ostrów Island and the Small Island on Lake Lubniewice (in Lubniewice), on Lake Paklicko Wielkie (in Nowy Dworek), on Lake Gęgnowskie (in Nętno) and on Lake Zarańskie (Żółte).


"Historical open-air shows in the Gniezno region in the 1970s"

The exhibition entitled "Historical outdoor shows in the Gniezno region in the 1970s" presents material related to the performances organized periodically in Gniezno, under the name "The Legends of the Polans’ Sign" in 1976, 1977 and 1978.


"Beginnings of the Polish State"

The exhibition entitled "Beginnings of the Polish State" is our main exhibition. It shows the first centuries of our statehood; the reign of the first Piast dynasty rulers. There, one can see not only how Poland was shaped, but also how our ancestors lived there.


"Piasts’ painted history"

"Piasts' painted history" is an exhibition where we present the paintings by 19th-century painters. They show figures and events from the history of the Piast dynasty from its legendary beginnings to the last representative on the Polish throne.

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