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Educational program

Educational program

"It began in Piasts’ Poland" - this is how we’ve titled our educational program that we are implementing at the Museum. Thanks to it, we try to tell, in an accessible and interesting, way how our country was created, how our ancestors lived and what they did, and how do we actually know about it. We show that history is not only about great battles and events - it is primarily about people who lived in the shadow of great politics. And often, the only traces of these people today are the monuments presented in the Museum. Our museum classes are divided into two types.

  • Museum lessons (4 topics) during which we talk about the beginnings of the Polish state using short animations, replicas and our expertise.
  • Museum workshops (4 topics) are a bit like old-fashioned DIY classes, on which participants learn by making various items in ways similar to those from the early Middle Ages.

All classes are held in specially adapted, modern rooms. Classes last 45 minutes and are adjusted to different age groups. They aren't just for schools. Adults can also participate as well - in organized groups (over 10 people).

The lecturers - our educators – are enthusiasts who, in a skilful and accessible way, share the knowledge about the earliest period of Polish history.

We conduct classes only for groups previously that have registered. 

Classes can be booked:
•    by phone: 61 426 46 41 w. 210
•    by email: rezerwacje@muzeumgniezno.pl


Museum lessons
(group of more than 10 people)
8 PLN/
Museum workshops
(group of more than 10 pople)
12 PLN/
Group supervisors Free of charge


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Museum of the Origins of the Polish State in Gniezno

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t: 61 426 46 41
e: sekretariat@muzeumgniezno.pl

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Wycieczki, zajęcia muzealne, zwiedzanie indywidualne:
t: 61 426 46 41 w. 210
e: rezerwacje@muzeumgniezno.pl



Opening hours

Monday to Sunday
9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Instytucja Kultury Samorządu Województwa Wielkopolskiego