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The mission of the Museum is to shed some light on the cultural heritage and history of the beginnings of the Polish State and the later fate of the region, as it was the cradle of our statehood; to present it to the contemporary generations and to preserve it for posterity.

Our work is to shape a citizen, who, knowing and respecting his own identity, with the ability to think critically, can understand the world around them better and who can consciously participate in the shaping of the future.


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Beginnings of the Polish State

Our main exhibition is devoted to the beginnings of Polish statehood. We feature artefacts (and their functional replicas) related to this topic, from all over Poland. The chronological exhibition covers the period from the beginning of the 10th century (i.e. before Mieszko I) to the 13th century.

Slavic motifs in art

At this exhibition, we present the culture of our Slavic ancestors as seen through the eyes of artists from different eras. For centuries, they referred in their works to the culture of the early medieval Slavic region. The uniqueness of the exhibition is the fact, that from time to time we change the exhibits presented at it, and thus – we show different approaches to the subject.

Piasts’ painted history

The exhibition presents the 19th-century depictions of how the contemporary painters imagined the beginnings of the Polish state and the Piast dynasty. It contains original paintings, which show not only the images of Mieszko I or Bolesław the Brave, but also the most important events, including the legendary ones, associated with that era.

Ceramics from Gniezno

The exhibition presents several hundred Romanesque ceramic tiles and later stove tiles (15th-19th century) from the area of Gniezno itself, and its surroundings. It is a part of our rich and unique collection of this kind – one of the largest collections in Europe.

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