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Slavic motifs in art

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At the exhibition, we present the Slavic culture of our ancestors, as seen through the eyes of artists from different eras. For centuries, in their work they have referred to the culture of the early medieval Slavic peoples inside and outside Poland. Our exhibition is slightly different from other permanent exhibitions. From time to time, we present new authors or new topics related to the Slavic lands. If you visit us in the following years, you will see completely different works. So, come back once in while!

Currently, we present the Slavic culture in the woodcuts of Stanisław Jakubowski. He lived between 1888-1964 and was a graphic artist and a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, who often presented Slavic motifs in his art. What we present is a parade from his two graphic portfolios: "Proto-Slavic architectural motifs" (1923) and "Gods of the Slavs" (1933). His woodcut compositions with architectural motifs and images of Slavic deities, along with their description made by the author, were created as a result of the combination of the author's great artistic talent and his ethnographic knowledge, supported by field observations, reading and an interest in the history and culture of the so-called salt-of-the-land people.

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