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The exhibition was open from 02.04.2023 till 31.12.2023.

"Archaeology of islands. Islands on the periphery of the early Piast monarchy"

"Archaeology of Islands. Islands on the periphery of the early Piast Monarchy"
The exhibition presents the results of research on seven islands in north-west Poland, conducted by the Institute of Archaeology of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Islands, especially those on lakes, were an important place in the life of the early medieval Slavs. For this reason, they are extremely interesting!
The exhibition was open from 20.09.2020 till 31.12.2021.

“ArtiSlavia. Slavic culture in Polish painting, drawing and graphics since the nineteenth century”

At the occasion of this exhibition we present paintings, drawings and graphics, including those found in books lent from over 80 museums and private collections. These are the fruits of the labour of several generations of Polish artists who took up or still take up the Slavic theme in their work.
The exhibition was open from 28.03.2021 till 31.10.2021.

"Historical open-air shows in the Gniezno region in the 1970s"

It is an exhibition presenting open-air performances carried out in Gniezno in the 1970s. At that time, they were one of the largest historical productions in our country, and their scale is still astonishing today.
The exhibition was open from 11.06.2020 till 07.03.2021.

Piast TOTAL WAR. Military in early Piast Poland

An exhibition devoted to the Polish military in its earliest period - during the formation of our state. It presented not only artefacts - mainly military ones, that is what was fought with, but also methods of fighting, the organization of the army, and the most important written sources related to this issue. It also talked about people who were part of the Piast Druzhina at that time.
The exhibition was open from 20.10.2019 till 21.06.2020.

"Połabian Slavs"

An exhibition about the history of the Polabians - the westernmost tribal group of the Slavs. Despite the fact that they significantly influenced the history of the beginnings of our country and, according to some theories, even contributed to the baptism of Mieszko I, little is said about them in our country. It is a pity, because they did create an extremely interesting culture, characteristic of the entire Western Slavic region.
The exhibition was open from 11.08.2019 till 08.03.2020.

"Musical culture at the beginning of the Polish state"

"Musical Culture in the Beginnings of the Polish State" was an exhibition revealing the secrets of the sounds of the entire medieval Poland. We strived to not only show the instruments used by our ancestors, but also the place of music and musicians in their culture. In addition to archaeological finds - remains of old instruments, we also showed their modern, fully functional replicas.
The exhibition was open from 17.02.2019 till 01.09.2019.

"Caution, history! Historical re-enactment of the early Middle Ages in Poland"

" Caution, history!" was the first exhibition in Poland presenting the historical re-enactment movement. We focused only on the part of the movement that recreates the early medieval period. We told its story from the 1960s to the beginning of the 21st century - until the movement has ultimately taken shape.
The exhibition was open from 18.01.2019 till 28.07.2019.

"Archaeology of Gniezno"

The exhibition told about the history of archaeological research in Gniezno from its beginning, until the most recent times. Museologists from Gniezno made a significant contribution to this research. We have collected almost 300 relics from different eras, from small fragments of ceramics, to wooden water pipes and a boat!
The exhibition was open from 09.08.2018 till 30.12.2018.

"Czerwień. A grod between east and west"

The exhibition presented over 700 artefacts from archaeological research in the area of Czermno, identified with the former Czerwień. In the early Middle Ages, these areas were a kind of a gate to the early Piast monarchy to the east. All the artefacts shown at the exhibition came from the collections of the Janusz Pater Regional Museum in Tomaszów Lubelski.
The exhibition was open from 10.07.2018 till 04.11.2018.

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