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"Historical craftsmanship in Poland"

The exhibition was focused on the craftsmanship in the territory of present-day Polish lands, from prehistory to the early Middle Ages. It showed various facets of this, from obtaining the raw material, through its processing, to the finished product. In this way, we showed just how many activities had to be done in the past to create such an inconspicuous thing as, for example, a simple clay vessel - all by hand.
The exhibition was open from 29.04.2015 till 04.10.2015.

The legend of mother of kings

Was the mysterious daughter of Mieszko I and Dobrawa one of the most powerful women of her time? A queen of three countries? A mother of three kings? Including even Knut the Great - the ruler of both Scandinavia and England – who was one of the most important rulers of the early Middle Ages? These questions are answered by the mobile exhibition of the Museum of the Origins of the Polish State in Gniezno.

Saint Adalbert and the Gniezno doors

What did St. Adalbert die for? What were the consequences of his death? Why were the Gniezno doors created and how to read them? These and other questions are answered by our next mobile exhibition and the accompanying animation with LIVE Action elements. We have prepared it especially to be presented in schools, cultural institutions and other places in the country and abroad.

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